Cooking to me is an expression of my love for others and all beings on the planet. I strongly believe that food absorbs the energy of all those involved in preparing it.bI treat cooking with a certain element of sacredness and magic. Wearing a colorful apron is an honor to me and of course super cute and functional. I was a vegetarian for most of my adult life and turned to a complete plant-based diet several years back. My health has improved greatly, I never get sick, and my weight dropped quickly. When I was a vegetarian I boxed, ran, lifted weights and still was a least 30 pounds overweight. I believe dairy, eggs and meat are very acid forming and causes a lot of inflammation in the body. Not to mention the atrocities that take place in the factory farming industry, that was more than enough to swing me to a full plant based diet. That said, I do not judge non-vegans, as I feel that doesn’t help the situation and only isolates vegans from non-vegans. I am all about acceptance and UNITY. The GYPSY spirit in me loves to create, explore, and most importantly feel FREE to BE ME.